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Two Leonard N. Sniders
Submitted by Vivian Elvidge

Among Leonard (1774 - 1855) and Mary W. ? (abt 1774 - 1863) Nycum's
children were daughters: Mary (1798 - 1880) and Sophia (1800 - 1856).
Each of these daughters married a John Snider, who were cousins.
Mary's husband John Snider was born 6-20-1798 and died 4-28-1875.
He is buried at the Bethel Reformed Church Cemetery, Monroe Township.
Sophia's husband John Snider was born 5 Feb. 1804 and died 8 Apr 1850.
He was the son of George Snider (abt. 1771 - 1842) and Barbara O'Neal.
He is buried at the Ash - Snider Cemetery in southern Monroe Township.
The Two John Snider Families:

John & Mary Nycum / Snider Family

John Snider / Snyder b: June 18, 1798 d: April 26, 1875
+Mary A.
Nycum b: November 06, 1798 d: August 20, 1880

1. Leonard
Nycum Snider b: January 31, 1825 d: August 27, 1908
2. Henry
Snider b: March 1829 d: 1917
Fletcher b: August 1833 m: Abt. 1873 d: 1918
3. Delilah
Snider b: August 22, 1833 d: December 19, 1915
+Michael H.
Fletcher b: May 07, 1838 m: September 20, 186 0 d: August 24, 1911
4. David
Snider b: Abt. 1836
5. Mary
Snider b: Abt. 1838
6. John Wesley
Snider b: August 24, 1840 d: December 16, 1924
7. Infant
Snider b: 1832

John & Sophia Nycum / Snider Family

Snider / Snyder b: December 02, 1803 d: May 03, 1850
Nycum b: March 03, 1800 m: Bet. 1820 -1825 d: November 26, 1856

1. Jonathan
Snider b: February 18, 1832 d: October 24, 1864 (more)
2. Catherine N.
Snider b: November 03, 1833
3. Joseph Nycum
Snider / Snyder b: May 31, 1835 d: 1911
+Martha Ann
Kendall b: February 04, 1851 d: 1933
4. Rebecca
Snider b: July 24, 1836
5. George Wesley
Snider b: May 07, 1838 (more)
6. Leonard
Nycum Snider b: April 02, 1840 d: October 22, 1900
7. John William
Snider b: January 29, 1842
8. Eve Ann
Snider b: February 22, 1844

Both Mary and Sophia named sons Leonard Nycum Snider.
Mary's son Leonard was born Jan 31, 1825 and died Aug 27, 1908 per his tombstone.
He is buried near his mother at Bethel Reformed Church Cemetery.
Sophia's son Leonard was born 2 Apr 1840 and died 21 or 22 Oct 1900.
He is believed to be buried in Teller Co, Colorado.
Both Leonards served in the Civil War:
Mary's son served in a Missouri Cavalry unit
and Sophia's son is believed to have served in an Illinois Infantry unit.
Moreover, according to family records, each sister named children: John (one
a Wesley, the other a William), Rebecca/Rebeccah, and Catherine / Katherine.


Leonard Nycum Snider - April 02, 1840 - October 22, 1900
(photo supplied by David Fletcher - )
(May 29, 2000)
Vivian has found additional information on Leonard, son of John & Sophia Nycum / Snider:
"Leonard enrolled in the military August 17, 1861 from Berlin, Sangamon Co, Illinois (south of Springfield)
and was mustered out with his unit July 20, 1865 in Springfield, Illinois, rank of private.
According to the unit history, this unit was organized August 31, 1861 and was assigned initially to protect
lower Illinois and Missouri railroads. They later moved south and were involved in action near Corinth, Vicksburg, Jackson and Memphis. In 1864 the unit was part of the Atlanta campaign and the siege
of Savannah. Leonard served for the entire length of his unit and apparently was never even wounded,
even though he was involved in some well-known campaigns.

In his Penison Application, the final declaration for pension says: "Ratable at $6 under Act of June 27, 1890 for varicose veins of both legs. No other disability affecting rate." This is dated October 6, 1900--he died
on October 11, 1900 so it appears likely he never received any pension and had no survivors to place a claim.
Leonard Snider died in an Old Soldier's Home in Cripple Creek or Anaconda, Teller County, Colorado.
He is buried in Teller County in the Veteran's Section at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery.
His tombstone reads "L. N. Snyder, Co D 26 ILL Inf.'"

Vivian sends a picture of another member of the John & Sophia Snider Family.
"There are only a few photos of Joseph and in all of them he is elderly. I am amazed at the resemblance
between Joseph and Leonard even though their photos were taken many years apart."

Joseph N. & Martha Ann Kendall / Snider Family
This photo shows my great-grandfather Joseph N. Snider and his wife, Martha Ann Kendall.
In back are their sons Perl Marion and Roy and my grandmother Nora May .
JOSEPH N. SNIDER b. May 31, 1835 Clearidge, Bedford Co, PA m. 11-13-1873 Mason City, Illinois
d. Jan. 21, 1911 Okanogan, Okanogan Co. WA buried in Cherry Flat Cem., Okanogan, WA

Martha Ann
Kendall/Kindle b. Feb. 04, 1851 dau. of Jeremiah Kendall and Rachel Shoulders
m. 2nd Elihu N.
Bragg d. July 9, 1933, Okanogan, WA buried in Cherry Flat Cem., Okanogan, WA
1. Nora May
Snider b. 27 May 1874 Mason City, Ill d. 19 Nov. 1969 Okanogan, WA
She: m. 1) Jotham M.
Freeman 11 Aug. 1898 Omaha, Nebraska he d. 1-21-1900 Sioux City, Iowa
m.2) Cyrus J.
Hinshaw 14 May 1913 Okanogan, WA
Martha Grace
Hinshaw; m. Floyd K. Byrd
(my mother; living; 3 children, 5 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren)
(Nora was a schoolteacher and taught in Omaha, Nebraska; after the death of her first husband she went to New England where his family lived and she remained several years, teaching in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. She moved to Okanogan, WA about 1910 and also taught school there.)

2. Ralph Casper
Snider b. 28 Feb. 1876 Mason City, Ill; d. 29 Apr. 1877, Mason City, Ill
3. Lucillah
Snider b. 8 June 1878 ; d. 17 July 1878 Shenandoah, Iowa
4. Cora Bessie
Snider b. 17 July 1879; d. 29 July 1879 Shenandoah, Iowa
5. Perl Marion
Snider b. 10 Jan 1881 Shenandoah, Iowa; d. 24 Jan. 1956, Tacoma, WA m. Grace Short
1. Ralph Marion
Snider b. 24 Oct. 1906; d. 2 Feb. 1989; m. Frances Rawson; 2 children
2. Ruth
Snider b. 19 Sep.1909 (deceased)
3. Eldon Robert
Snider b. 21 Aug. 1913 (deceased)
4. Harold Wayne
Snider b. 16 Apr 1923; d. 31 Dec. 1999
6. Roy Irvin
Snider b. 8 May 1883 Shenandoah, Iowa; d. 7 Jan. 1939 Cincinnati, Oh m. Edith Davis
(she d. 1939)
1. Daugher stillborn
2. Phillip
Snider b. 25 May 1917; d. 12 June 1919

7. Daughter stillborn 27 May 1891, Omaha, Nebraska
8. Son b. 4 May 1887; d. 8 May 1887, Omaha, Nebraska

photo submitted by Vivian Elvidge
Joseph N. Snider and Eve Ann Snider / Kennedy
This photo of Joseph and his youngest sister was taken in Nebraska in about 1906.
They had not seen one another for 45 years when he had left Bedford Co, PA.
Eve Ann (known as Aunt Ann) was married to John Kennedy and they had several children.
After John died, she moved around a bit and even took out a land claim in Colorado.

photo submitted by Vivian Elvidge
Rebecca Snider / Marsh - July 24, 1836 - January 14, 1921
Rebecca Snider / Marsh, another daughter of John Snider and Sophia Nycum.
This photo was taken about 1913 in Springfield, Illinois where she lived.
She was married to Clinton Dewitt Marsh.

Sophia Nycum and John Snider were my great-great grandparents. Who were the
parents of Mary's husband John
Snider? A curious thing but one to keep the
descendants on their toes.

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