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Pat Davis has made great progress on the earlier "Brickwall" (see "Original" below)
January 25, 2003 -Pat Davis sends this:
I still have some brick walls but do have some new information to add to the history:
Thomas Davis b. ca. 1725 England d. 1788 Bedford Co., PA and Mary Davis b. ca. 1725 England
d. betwn. 1810-1820 Bedford Co., PA came to the USA circa 1769 and settled in Colerain Township
(later changed to Southampton Twp) where Thomas was a farmer/miller/weaver.
Their children:
William Davis b. 1756 England
Elizabeth b. ca. 1758-65 (married a Mr.
Sarah b. ca. 1761-68 (married a Mr.
White after 1789)
(See Last Will and Testament of Thomas
Davis, proved 1789 - Bedford Court).

William Davis b. 1756 England - d. circa 1843 Bedford Co., Southampton Twp., PA served in the
Revolutionary War from 3/1777 through 3/1781. Upon his return he married Mary "Polly" Unknown
b. ca. 1750. William was a farmer/miller/weaver.
Their children:
John Davis
Davis b. 1783
Davis b. ca. 1782
John and James are my roadblocks.
We believe that James probably died prior to 1818 (per the Application for Pension re: Rev. War filed by
William b. 1756). It is possible that John moved to Belmont Co., OH but this is very iffy at this time,
he may have stayed in Bedford Co., PA.
Isiah married after 1810 but before 1818 to Unknown. They moved to Maryland after 1820 but by 1830
were residing in Muskingum Co., OH. They had at least 12 children. Names unknown.
We lose him after the 1840 census.
William b. 1783 d. 1863 Jackson Co., OH married Maria Putt b. 1785 d. 1855 Jackson Co., OH was the
daughter of Henry Putt and Sarah Shoup. They moved to Maryland with brother, Isiah, but returned to
Bedford Co. prior to 1830, in 1833 they moved to Muskingum Co., OH and in 1836 moved on to Jackson Co.,
OH where they remained until their deaths.
Their children:
James b. 1813
Henry b. 1815
William b. 1817
Eliza b. 1820
Mary Ann b. 1821 PA d. 1823 PA (at Town Creek)
Lewis b. 1822
John b. 1827
Matilda b. 1828
Sarah b. 1832
Levi b. 1833
James b. 1813 married Mary A. Wilslby/Wiesman b. 1819. They moved from Ohio to Hancock Co., Ill
circa 1848 and after 1860 the family moves either to Arkansas or Missouri. By 1900 James alone is
residing in Sarcoxie, Jefferson Co., KS. (They had 4 children):
Henry Davis b. 1815 married Mary Ann Tyler and they moved to Hancock Co., Ill.
in 1846 and had 8 children. Henry was a steamboat pilot, miller and later farmer.
William b. 1817 married an Emily Unknown and resided in Muskingum Co., OH and later in Morgan Co.,
OH. He had 2 daughters - he was a steamboat captain, engineer, pilot and built steamboats.
Eliza b. 1820 married William S. Myrick and moved to Iowa. They had 8 children.
William was a cooper by trade.
John b. 1827 married Susan Burns, he was a farmer and miller with his father and 2 brothers.
After his father's death in 1863 he went to work for a large mill and became its superintendent
in Jackson Co., OH. They had 2 daughters.
Sarah b. 1832 married Hilliard Hughes and moved to Iowa - they resided next door to her sister, Eliza
and William Myrick. Sarah and Hilliard had 6 children. Hilliard was a farmer.
Levi Davis b. 1833 married Malinda Burris - he was a farmer and miller but after his father's
death he moved to Kansas where he ran an inn/hotel and is last found in the 1900 Kansas census.
They had 8 children.
Matilda Davis b. 1828 married Andrew Starr who was a farmer. They resided in Jackson Co.,
OH and had 9 children.
Lewis Davis b. 1822 married Rebecca Williams. He was a steamboat captain and at one
time a partner in a mill. They had no children.
I have much of the descendant information but am still "blocked" by John and James Davis,
sons of William Davis b. 1756.
Any info is appreciated. Pat Davis

Original - (Feb. 18, 2000)
I am searching for dates, parents / siblings, etc. for William Davis and Maria Putt of Bedford County, Pa.
My great-great grandfather was Henry Davis, born in 1815 to William and Maria in Bedford Co., Pa. I believe he had
a brother, William, born in 1816. I think they may have lived in Hopewell Twp. I also believe that a neighbor,
William Davis, Esquire, was William Davis' father.

In 1833, William and Maria loaded up their family and moved to Zanesville, Ohio. I believe that both William and Maria Davis,
died between 1840 -1850. Their son, William Davis, remained in Ohio and was Captain on a number of steamboats.
His brother, Henry, was a pilot on a steamboat for 4 years then moved to Jackson Co., Ohio, where he married and ran a
steam gristmill. In 1846, Henry Davis and his wife, Mary Ann Tiler (Tyler), moved to Illinois.
From a review of the 1820 Bedford Co. census, it appears that Henry and William had at least one other brother and a sister.
Their father, William Davis, I believe, had 3 other brothers and one sister.
I would appreciate any help with my "brickwall", namely; William and Maria Putt / Davis.
Who were their parents and siblings, etc.?
I believe that Maria's father was Henry Putt and mother was Sarah Shoup, but I have not been able to accurately verify that
information. Henry Putt was a resident and shown in the 1810 and 1820 Bedford Co. census records also. Since
Henry Davis was not born until 1815, I am forecasting that the William Davis shown in 1810, and the Henry Putt
shown in 1810, are William Davis and Maria Putt's fathers.
I have had this brickwall for a lot of years - my grandfather loved to tell stories but was real short on names. When asked his grandfather's name he would just say he didn't know him well. Unfortunately my father is the last Davis male in this line.
I would love to be able to get his history before he passes on (he is in excellent health, but one just never knows), he is very
interested, but lives in a very small town with few genealogical resources.

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