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The following "Brickwall" comes from James T. Curran at _________________________________________
James writes the following:
" During my research on the early McEldowneys in Bedford Co., I have come up with three
puzzles that I have not been able to resolve; I cannot identify which of several McEldowneys
they may be children of.

1. In "Bedford County Cemeteries", Vol. I, Robettea & Thos. Imler, p 132, I found the following entry:
Old Union Cemetery, Ostersburg, PA
Row 14 - Hetty
McEldowney 6/20/1838 - 8/19/1865
I have not been able to find any unaccounted for Hester, or Hetty, in the 1850 or 1860
censuses for any McEldowney in Pennsylvania. Possibly she married, but then why would
she be buried as a McEldowney? I suspect that she is the child of Robert McEldowney, Sr,
the first recorded McEldowney in Bedford County.

2. In "Bedford County Archives", Vol. II, 1985, I found:
Marriages : Schellsburg Union Church
25 OCT 1838, Frederick
Kissel of Providence Twp. to
Sara Ann McEldowney of Colerain Twp.
This almost certainly is also a daughter of Robert McEldowney, Sr., but
I have found no way to verify it.

3. From handwritten notes apparently taken from
"Your Family Tree", call # 974.8 F21:
Old Union Cemetery Inscription: D DOB
McEldowney, Betty - - - - - - - - - - 4/19/1855 - - 2/20/1828
Again whose daughter is this? Could it conceivably be the same person as #1 Hetty above?
I would be very grateful if anyone could help me solve these problems."

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