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Longstreth, Silver, and Wallick

Longstreth, Silver, and Wallick

Jerry Hatch has submitted the following "Brickwalls":

The names of Silver, Longstreth, and Wallick of 18th century Bedford County are in our
family's background. Henry Silver (1829 - 1880) married his first cousin Elizabeth Wallick
(1836 - 1909) thereby creating one less line for the descendants' search. One might think
the "hunt" would be easier. Not exactly.

Brickwall # 1 - John Silver died April, 1792. His will names wife Elizabeth and seven children.
John Silver was of Frederick County, MD prior to the Revolutionary War. What is John's background?
Did he first marry Susanna _________? 2nd Elizabeth _____________?
Who was the mother of John Silver's children?

Brickwall # 2 - John Silver's son, Richard Silver (1772 - 1852) married Ann Longstreth
(1770 - 1813). Who are her parents? How does she connect to the Longstreth family?
In the 1790 and 1810 Bedford County censuses, the names of "Marton Longstreth"
and " John Silvers" are adjacent in the listing of names. Coincidence or related?

Brickwall # 3 - The parents of Elizabeth Wallick (1836 - 1909) are Samuel Wallick
(1800 - 1877) and Susannah Silver (1806 - 1885). (Susannah is a daughter of Richard Silver
and Ann Longstreth above). Samuel Wallick is thought to be the youngest son of
Michael Wallick (1746 - 1823) and Charlotte (Sharlotte) ____________ (1751 - 1841).
Who are Michael Wallick's parents? Who is Charlotte (Sharlotte)_______________??

I would like to hear from others of any of the above families. Search suggestions, and any
help & / or communications will be greatly appreciated.

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