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Obediah and Elizabeth Heartzel Adams
Adams - Blair -Ellis - Heartzel
Obediah and Elizabeth Heartzel Adams of Bedford Co., PA (Napier & St. Clair
Twp.) birthdates unknown; Obediah died in 1818. Children are at least;
Ephraim, Ruth Anna born 1810, Elizabeth, Solomon born 1805 and Samuel.
Obediah is the son of Elijah and Hannah
Blair Adams.
Are there other children of Obediah and Elizabeth Heartzel Adams? What
happened to Elizabeth after her husband's death. Is there anyone else
researching this particular family?
Shortly before his death in 1818, Obediah Adams wrote his will, leaving
everything to his wife, Elizabeth. He named his wife, Elizabeth and his
father-in-law Conrad
Heartzel to administer the estate. Witnesses to the
will were Jacob
Hartzel, George Carn, Levi Lamborn. I am considering that
Jacob may be the son of Conrad.
Family tradition tells me that their daughter, Ruth Anna Adams (Mrs. Enos
Ellis) had a sister Betsey
Amick, and two brothers, Solomon and Samuel, and
that Samuel lived at Bellefontaine, Ohio.
In Bedford County orphan court records, I find Elizabeth Adams requesting
guardians for the two yong sons, Solomon and Samuel. The Court appointed
Ellis, Guardian over Solomon Adams and William Blair, Guardian over
Adams, minor sons of Obediah Adams dec'd. under the age of fourteen
years. John
Ellis became the brother-in-law of Ruth Anna Adams Ellis.
Also in the Orphan Court records comes another request for a guardian for
Obediah and Elizabeth
Adams' daughter , Ruth Adams by her brother and next
friend Ephraim
Adams, who is under fourteen years of age stating that she hath no person
to take care of her person and estate. She was left a legacy in the last will and testament
of Edward Thomas (late of St. Clair Twp), Dec'd., she is left $25.00. Edward's
will is dated Nov. 15, 1813, probated April 11, 1814. Edward Thomas's wife's name is Mary.
Why did Edward leave money to Ruth Anna Adams? None of her siblings are listed.
His will is written and he is deceased prior to the time Ruth Anna's father died.
Ruth Anna did not receive the $25.00 until 1826, when she was 16 years of age.
Is there a relationship between the Thomas, Adams and/or Heartzel family?
I have been unable to find any information concerning Obediah's daughter
Elizabeth, the court case is the only record I have located for Ephraim, and
I have found nothing regarding Samuel except the family tradition and the
guardianship request. Solomon does appear in the Bellefontaine, Logan Co,
Ohio census and I have found a small amount of information concerning him, but
have never located a descendant.
I will appreciate any help or suggestions regarding this family. See a
brick wall (previous page) concerning Enos and Ruth Anna
Adams Ellis, Sr.
(including photos of them and their children). Thanks!
Gayle in the Heart of the Flint Hlls, Kansas
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