Bedford County , Pennsylvania
Monroe Twp., Cemeteries



Photography and design by Michael Barkman


Text by David Fletcher
(The Fletcher Cemetery pamphlet genealogical text is reproduced here with the kind permission of
those in the Fletcher Cemetery Association and the writer David Fletcher).
In the fall of 1998 the pamphlet was finished and was distributed to local family members and direct descendants. Those who had designed and constructed the pamphlet, had done such a professional job and those on the committee to distribute it had done so well, that soon requests were coming from "extended family" outside the Bedford County area.
At this time, copies have been sent as far south as Louisiana, as far west as California, and to the East Coast. Contributions for the Cemetery fence reached the goal and a bit more was received some of which was used to replace the Fletcher Cemetery sign the rest will be used for the maintenance of the cemetery in the years ahead.
This small mountain top cemetery now "sports" a beautiful fence, a neatly trimmed lawn, and a new sign to direct the many future visitors. In what better way could you honor those tireless pioneers who beared all sorts of trials to settle here?
In response to the many donations made, the Fletcher Cemetery Association mailed out
the following letter:
The Trustees and Members of the Fletcher Cemetery Association would like to thank you for your contributions with regard to the new Fletcher Cemetery fence, signage and future maintenance of this unique family heritage. Without your kind consideration and donations we would never have been able to achieve our goals much less surpass them, which is exactly what we did!
We have enclosed a photograph of our new fence as well as a listing of the donations contributed from people from across the United States. We hope on your next visit to Bedford County you will stop by and view what you have helped us to successfully achieve.
God Bless You and please accept our sincere appreciation.
The Fletcher Cemetery Association.
Fletcher Cemetery Association Members - August, 1999
Seated, left to right:
Michael H. Barkman, Sara C. Mills, Ethel Bowman Ritchey
Standing, left to right:
Harry Mills, Duane Barkman, Montie Barkman (Caretaker), Donald M. Ritchey
In this age of "self" and "me", I think this is a tribute to those on the committee who have
remained so faithful to the Cemetery and to their ancestors who are buried in it, also to
those who were moved by and appreciated the dedication of these folks and then gave with
their "hearts". The results speak loudly of what can be done by just a few who will give of
themselves for a common good. May those who follow them benefit from their example and
continue the tribute.
For those who may be interested, there is a limited number of the Fletcher Cemetery pamphlets remaining.
If you would like to have one of them, please email me at the address below and give me your snail mail
address. I will send one to you as the supply lasts. If you have comments or questions, and would like to c
ontact any of the people mentioned above, please contact me and I will try to put you in touch with them.

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