Bedford County , Pennsylvania
Pioneer Family Outlines &Lineages

Johannes Arnold (Submitted by Kenneth O'Neal)
William Cook (Submitted by Linda Garrett)
Coolbaugh / Colebaugh (Submitted by Nancy Fisher)
Samuel M. Detwiler (Submitted by Lynn Detwiler)
Henry Adam Earnest (Submitted by Nancy Fisher)
Daniel Earnest (Submitted by Dana Langworthy O’Leary)
Christian England (Submitted by Charlotte Smith)
David Fletcher (Submitted by Gail Basore)
Jonathan Hamilton (Submitted by Connie Beachy)
John Hershberger
Hauser / Houser / Howser (Submitted by Ellen Weber) (New Additions from Phyllis Bell)
Hillebard/Hellebart (Submitted by Nancy Fisher)
Hite / Heyt (Submitted By Nancy Fisher)
Ickes (Submitted by Nancy Fisher)
Imler/Embler (Submitted by Nancy Fisher)
Peter Koons (Koontz) (Submitted by Charlotte Smith)
Joseph McDaniel (Submitted by Charlotte Smith)
Peter Mock / Mauk (Submitted By Nancy Fisher)-(Additions by Bonnie Parsons) - -(Samuel S. Mock)
Joseph O'Neal (Submitted by Kenneth O'Neal) O'Neal - (Wills) - from Kenneth O'Neal
Joseph O'Neal (Submitted by Charlotte Smith)
Jacob E. Ritchey (Submitted by Michael Ritchie)
Phillip Ritchey (Submitted by Doris O. Sink)
Frederick Rock (Submitted by Jo Nelson) - - NEW!!
William Rose (Submitted by Bob Rose)
James Smith (submitted by Nikki Byer)
Snider / Snyder (Submitted by Doris O. Sink)
Snowberger (Submitted by Doris O. Sink)
Michael Speece (Submitted by Nancy Fisher)
Felix Stambaugh (Submitted by Nancy Fisher)

The Family lineages and outlines on these pages are not complete (We also realize that they are never complete!) and will in some cases be included to clarify the Families discussed in the Ancestor Stories and Photos and Historical Places Sections. Please feel free to make comments, additions, and corrections to anything you may find here.


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