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Amick, Bell, Brill, Dively, Ferry, Furry, Golden, Hahn, Kagarise,
Ressler, Sprowl, Stogie, Walter

The following picture was sent in by Tammy Chandler:
We are fortunate that Tammy knows all the people in the photograph.

Front Row:
Clara Amanda Ferry / Amick (Mother), Alta Amick, Ima Amick / Ressler,
Ellis G. (Golden?) Amick (Father), Luther Amick, Alverna Amick / Kagarise.
Back Row:
Sherman Amick, Mary Belle Amick / Dively, Ira T. Amick
Missing from the photo:
Harry Amick, Walter Amick, - - Chester Amick, Mareta Amick, Kenneth Amick & Minnie Amick
(Based on the apparent age of those pictured, the photo must have been taken about 1902.)
Does anyone know who might have an original copy of this photograph?

Descendants of Ellis G. Amick

Ellis G. Amick b: September 16, 1859 d: September 17, 1936
+Clara Amanda
Ferry b: 1862 d: August 03, 1907
Harry Garfield
Amick b: May 17, 1880 d: March 01, 1965
Stogie b: 1860
Alverna F.
Amick b: March 28, 1883 d: July 19, 1982
+Oscar H.
Kagarise b: 1884 m: August 15, 1905
Mary Belle
Amick b: August 13, 1885
+John Luther
Dively b: 1886
Ira T.
Amick b: January 07, 1888 d: June 07, 1967
+Edna V.
Walter b: 1891
J. Walter
Amick b: February 14, 1890 d: March 02, 1891
Sherman A.
Amick b: July 14, 1890 d: June 30, 1966
+Leta Olive
Sprowl b: 1891
Ima Pearl
Amick b: February 12, 1895 d: February 21, 1989
+Frank E.
Ressler b: 1892
Luther E.
Amick b: January 21, 1898 d: November 25, 1977
Amick b: November 11, 1900 d: October 14, 1999
Amick b: October 20, 1903 d: April 11, 1962
Amick b: April 20, 1907
*2nd Wife of Ellis G.
+Mary Cintha Bell
Amick b: May 08, 1910 d: January 26, 1978
Minnie Amick b: April 05, 1914 d: January 29, 1981

Ellis G. Amick (1859 - 1936) was a son of John H. Amick (1834 - 1913) & Mary Golden (1832 - 1904)
and a grandson of Samuel Amick (1802 - 1873) & Elizabeth Hahn ( 1802 - 1873),
and a g-grandson of John Amick (1770 -1845) & Catherine Anna Maria Brill (1774 -1881)
Can someone help with the parents of Clara Amanda Ferry (born 1862 - ? )?
Thank you Tammy for sharing the photo!

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