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The Family of Levi & Sarah Ann Cobler / Hardinger

Bennett, Cobler, Collingham, Deremer, Dicken, Hardinger, Hardman, Hite,
Leasure, Valentine, Zembower

Jocelyn Wilms has provided the following family pictures as well as the accompanying information
about her ancestors. You may wish to contact Jocelyn at - -

Levi Hardinger, oldest son of Conrad Hardinger and Mary Dicken, was born March 19, 1809 in
Cumberland Valley Twp. Levi first married Elizabeth ? born Feb. 5, 1815, in about 1835-1836.
Levi & Elizabeth were the parents of at least seven children:

Levi Hardinger b: March 19, 1809 d: November 09, 1890
+Elizabeth ? b: February 05, 1815 m: Abt. 1835 d: June 28, 1850

1. Caroline
Hardinger b: January 05, 1837 d: September 12, 1838
2. John Luther
Hardinger b: April 27, 1838 d: July 29, 1838
3. Maria H
ardinger b: Abt. 1839
Hardman b: 1832
4. Mary
Hardinger b: Abt. 1840
5. Amanda
Hardinger b: Abt. 1842
6. Rachel
Hardinger b: November 20, 1844 d: March 15, 1937
7. Catherine Anna
Hardinger b: Abt. 1846
+ ?
Harden / Hardman
Levi's wife Elizabeth died June 28, 1850. She and their infant son are buried in
the Rice - Hardinger Cemetery in Cumberland Valley Twp.

Levi Hardinger & Sarah Ann Cobler / Hardinger
In about 1852-1853, Levi married Sarah Ann Cobler who was born in 1827.
Levi and Sarah Ann had eight children:

Hardinger b: March 19, 1809 d: November 09, 1890
+Sarah Ann
Cobler b: December 29, 1827 d: June 04, 1900

1. Levi G.
Hardinger b: November 27, 1853 d: January 03, 1917
+Anna Rebecca
2. Virginia Victoria
Hardinger b: Abt. 1856 d: 1937
3. Tobias
Hardinger b: June 11, 1857 d: February 23, 1934
4. Aaron Daily
Hardinger b: August 15, 1859 d: January 03, 1936
+Minnie E.
Leasure b: July 16, 1864 d: January 30, 1931
5. Samantha Juliana
Hardinger b: February 25, 1862 d: March 25, 1922
+Elmer Bruce
6. Benson N.
Hardinger b: August 02, 1864 d: February 04, 1904
+Emma Estella
Brant b: April 16, 1871 d: October 20, 1892
+*2nd Wife Flora
7. Martha I.
Hardinger b: 1867 d: May 14, 1948
Never Married
8. Francis Amelia
Hardinger b: September 21, 1869 m: April 29, 1897 d: September 22, 1922
+Thomas Alva
Hendrickson b: September 10, 1869 d: November 20, 1957



7. Martha I. Hardinger
Born 1867 - Cumberland Valley Twp. died - May 14, 1948 Ft Collins, Colorado. Martha never married.

Levi's youngest daughter Frances Amelia, born in 1869, married Thomas Alva Hendrickson in 1897.
They raised two daughters and lost an infant son:
1. infant Hendrickson
2. Avalon May
Hendrickson b: August 08, 1905 d: March 01, 1981
3. Martha Minnie Ivis
Hendrickson b: January 18, 1907 d: June 20, 1982
+John Walter
Fox b: February 09, 1900 d: March 08, 1991

Thomas Alva & Frances Amelia Hardinger / Hendrickson Family (about 1910)
Daughters: Martha Minnie Ivis (left) & Avalon May (right)


Hendrickson daughters: Martha & Avalon (about 1917-1918)
Martha is Jocelyn Wilms' mother. About Martha's sister, Avalon, Jocelyn says:
"Aunt Avie would have been thrilled to pieces to have her picture on a web page.
In the 1920's, she was one of the original "flappers"'.

Avalon "Avie" May Hendrickson (photo 1926)
Aunt "Avie" is buried in Albany, NY

Jocelyn's grandfather, Thomas Alva Hendrickson is buried in Union Grove in Allegany Co.
Her grandmother, Frances Amelia is buried beside her father,
Levi Hardinger, in Bethel Cemetery in Cumberland Valley Twp. (map)
Her mother, Martha Minnie Ivis Hendrickson, is buried in Youngstown, Ohio

If you have information that relates to Jocelyn's photos, or maybe you'd like to compare
notes on the Hardinger or Hendrickson Families. Or perhaps you have an idea who
Sarah Ann Cobler parents were. (See Brickwall) If so, please contact Jocelyn at:

Feb. 28, 2000, Jocelyn writes:
"Wanted to tell you - a 'cousin' in California found your 'picture pages', recognized Aunt Avie
and contacted me. She remembered meeting Avie when she was a little girl (she was 10 years old
and Avie was 20) and her family came from Fort Collins, Colorado to visit family in Bedford County.

We're sharing info and she's telling me some wonderful stories about my Colorado cousins.
I had some names and dates, but now I feel like I'm getting to know these people.
This is some of the Hardinger family that went to Ft. Collins, Colorado before 1890.
We have a lot of catching up to do. I'm so pleased that you are providing this service."

Aren't the internet and "cousins" great??

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