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The Samuel Barclay & Mary Madaline Stayer / Sparks Family


Robert Bussard writes: "I thought I would send you a little Sparks information."

Samuel Barclay Sparks is one of a second generation of Sparks families born in Bedford County.
Samuel's grandfather, Joseph Sparks III*, was born in Frederick Co., MD in 1754, and his G.-grandfather Joseph Sparks II, was probably born in Queen Anne's Co., MD, in about 1729. By the mid - 1770's, both had
purchased land in Bedford County and by the early 1780's they were paying taxes on property in Providence
Twp. where over the years the family became significant land owners. Samuel's Bedford County Sparks'
ancestors were distinguished in their service to their county with 4 uncles and a cousin serving in Capt.
Solomon Sparks' Co. of Riflemen in the War of 1812. Samuel was of the fifth generation of Sparks
born in the United States since his ancestor, William Sparks, arrived from Hampshire, England.

Bob has also included several Sparks Family pictures.
The first is a group picture of the Samuel Barclay and Mary Madaline (Stayer) Sparks Family.

"The second from the left in the back row is Samuel and Mary's daughter Rebecca Jane Sparks / Weicht.
She is my Grandmother's mother and my Grandmother, Anna Belle Weicht / Bussard
is in the front row first on the left."
Samuel Barclay and Mary Madaline Stayer / Sparks and their Family - abt.1909
(photo supplied by Robert Bussard)
Front Row:
Anna Belle Weicht / Bussard, Grace Elizabeth Weicht / Dively, Samuel Sparks,
Lloyd Ellis Weicht, Frank Sparks, Lydia Sparks
Second Row:
Mary Weicht / Bussard, John Sparks & wife Dora Amick / Sparks with their twins; Grace and Catherine,
Mary Madeline Stayer / Sparks, Mabel Sparks / Smith, Samuel Barclay Sparks,
Belle Karns / Sparks holding Webster Sparks, Edna Imler / Sparks holding Charles Ellis Sparks
Third Row:
Rosey Ellen Weicht, Rebecca Jane Sparks / Weicht, Joseph Sparks & wife Pearl Beck / Sparks
with son Gilbert Sparks, Charles Ellis Sparks, George Smouse, Russell Sparks, Abram Sparks

Descendants of Samuel Barclay Sparks -

Samuel Barclay
Sparks b: October 06, 1848 d: September 01, 1914 m: July 04, 1874
+Mary Magdalene
Stayer b: March 25, 1856 d: June 19, 1932

1. David A.
Sparks b: Abt. 1875

2. Rebecca Jane
Sparks b: December 01, 1876 d: August 13, 1946 m: July 04, 1893
+Jeremiah Franklin
Weicht b: July 04, 1871 d: August 30, 1935

3. John Sherman
Sparks b: April 14, 1878 d: January 31, 1959 m: April 10, 1901
+Dora Hannah Belle
Amick b: November 14, 1883 d: June 25, 1969

4. Samuel Russell
Sparks b: February 25, 1880 d: October 10, 1950 m: December 1904
+Sarah Belle
Karns b: 1885 d: 1972 (Samuel Russell was known as Russell)

5. Joseph Patterson
Sparks b: November 04, 1882 d: October 14, 1955
+Anna Pearl
Beck b: February 03, 1888 d: June 17, 1980

6. Aaron
Sparks b: Abt. 1884 d: Infant

7. Abraham
Wareham Sparks b: September 29, 1886 d: May 05, 1935 m: January 01, 1908
+Edna Virginia
Krause b: April 26, 1888

8. William
Sparks b: Abt. 1888 d: Infant

9. Charles Calvin
Sparks b: October 30, 1892 d: July 25, 1921

Mary Magdalene Stayer / Sparks and her sons.
(photo contributed by Robert Bussard) abt. 1914?
Photo - left to right:
Abraham Wareham Sparks, Samuel Russell Sparks, Mary Magdalene Stayer / Sparks,
Joseph Patterson Sparks, and John Sherman Sparks.

Children of Samuel & Mary Stayer / Sparks
(photo contributed by Robert Bussard)
Photo - left to right:
Abraham Wareham Sparks, John Sherman Sparks, Rebecca Jane Sparks / Weicht,
Samuel Russell Sparks, and Joseph Patterson Sparks
This photo may have been taken at the time of Mary Stayer / Spark's funeral (June, 1932) -
Marian Rinard, Black Valley, Bedford Co., PA.

Robert also sent the following obituary for Samuel Sparks:
S. B. Sparks -
Samuel Barclay Sparks died at his home in Black Valley, near Everett, on last Thursday afternoon
from Angina Pectoralis, aged 66 years, 10 months and 26 days. He was born at the Old Sparks Mill
in Black Valley, October 6, 1848, and always lived on a part of the old claim settled by his
fore- fathers before the Revolution.
He was married to Mary Stayer on July 4, 1874, to this union was born eight sons and one daughter.
He is survived by his wife, and six children:
Mrs F. J. Weicht, J. S. Sparks, S. Russell Sparks, Joseph P. Sparks, living in the adjacent community;
A. W. Sparks, in Defiance College, Defiance, Ohio, and Charles C. at home.
He is also survivied by one brother, J. C. Sparks, of Black Valley, one sister Mrs Aaron Stayer,
of Clearville; twenty-five grand children and one great-grandchild.
Funeral services were conducted at the home Sunday morning by Rev. W. G. Slonaker of the Lutheran church. Interment was made in the Sparks graveyard at Indian Springs.

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* Joseph Sparks III had a younger brother James (born about 1755), who also moved to Bedford County from Frederick Co. MD to raise his family.

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