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Robert Bussard has contributed this excellent article on the pre-Bedford Bussard Family. He is currently working on the next installment which will discuss the Abraham Bussard Family after their arrival in Bedford County. Please send your questions, comments, and additional information to Bob at:

Baker, Baugher, Bussard, Davy, Exline, Henderson, Householder, Hufford, Leatherman, Renner, Stimmel

Daniel and Sophia (Renner) Bossert - Bussard

Daniel and Sophia (Renner) Bossert - Bussard moved to Frederick County, Maryland from Berks
County, Pennsylvania in 1771. It is believed they both arrived at a Maryland port, on the same ship,
in 1749, as children, probably from Alsace-Lorraine. Daniel Bossert - Bussard was born March 14, 1736
and Sophia Renner was born February 19, 1740. They were married March 25, 1760.
In 1769, Daniel and Sophia sold their land in Berks County, PA and recorded the deed
of their first land in Frederick County, MD on January 14, 1771, for 90 acres of a tract
called "Hammond's Strife," paying 200 pounds in Pennsylvania currency.
During succeeding years, they bought and sold several other parcels of land. On
April 28, 1784, Daniel purchased, from Nicholas Leatherman, two tracts,
of 100 acres each, called "Stoney Lick" and "Bruces Range."

"Stoney Lick" - Frederick County, MD. - photo (1985) -Clair Crawford
Peter Bussard (eldest child b. 1761) purchased the two tracts of the
homestead, in northern Frederick County, MD, from his father on June 11, 1792,
and "
Stoney Lick" remained in the Bussard family for 101 years.
"Stoney Lick" - Frederick County, MD. - photo (1985) -Clair Crawford

The "Maryland German Church Records" list the confirmations, baptisms, and marriages of
some of Daniel and Sophia's children. On Good Friday, April 14, 1786, the following were confirmed
and on Easter Sunday admitted to the Holy Communion in Fredericktown, MD:
Catherine Bossert, age 16
Bossert, age 18
Bossert, age 19

Baptisms at the
Glade Reformed Church, Walkersville, MD:
Daniel, son of Daniel and Sophia
Bossert, adult, b. 2 Dec. 1771, bapt. 6 Apr. 1788.
Other children of Daniel and Sophia
Bossert, baptized 23 Aug. 1788, were:
Johannes, b. 7 Dec. 1774
Maria, b. 18 Aug. 1776
Susanna, b. 28 Oct. 1778
Solomon, b. 19 July 1781
Judith, b. 29 Jan. 1784
Philip, b. 4 July 1786
Margaretha, b. 18 May [1788?]

Marriages from
Evangelical Reformed Church records:

Nov. 15, 1785 - Jacob
Stimmel and Elisabeth Bossert.
Witnesses: Jacob
Stimmel, Sr. and Daniel Bossert

7 Apr. 1788 - George Samuel
Bager [Baugher] and Catharina Bossert.
Witnesses: Abraham
Bossert and Adam Bossert
29 Mar. 1796 - Johannes
Oechslein [Exline] and Maria Bossert.
Witnesses: Daniel and John

18 June 1797 - Friedrich
Becker [Baker] and Susanna Bossert by license in
the house of Daniel
Bossert and in the presence of many friends.

Marriage licenses are recorded in Frederick County for:

Bussard and Nancy Hufford, January 12, 1795
Bussard and Henry Davy, January 30, 1808
Daniel and Sophia are known to have had 12 children. When Daniel's estate was settled
May 2, 1814, the children were listed, as follows:

Peter's heirs [Peter died in 1802]
Elizabeth, wife of Jacob
Stimmel, Jr.
Barbara, wife of John
Daniel, Jr.
Mary, wife of John
Catherine, wife of Samuel
Susanna, wife of Frederick
Judah, wife of Henry

Peter (Bossert) Bussard's (1761 -1802) original grave stone in "Stoney Lick Farm" Cemetery.
- photo (1985) -Clair Crawford

Peter & Margaret Householder / Bussard - photo (1985) -Clair Crawford
A more recent gravestone for Peter and Margaret sits in front of the original stone
(shown above) in the "Stoney Lick Farm" Cemetery.

Daniel died in 1814 and is probably buried at the Stoney Lick Farm cemetery.
Sophia died February 2, 1826 and is buried in Glade Cemetery in Walkersville, MD,
near Frederick city. There is a clearly marked stone.
Sophia Bussard died February 2, 1826 - aged 86 years - photo (1985) -Clair Crawford

Two of Daniel and Sophia's children, Abraham and John moved to Bedford County,
Pennsylvania in the 1790's. Abraham and his family will be the subject of the next installment.
There was a Peter Buzzard already in Bedford County when Daniel's children arrived.
Peter was on the Cumberland Valley Township tax list of 1779 and had several warrants for land
in Cumberland Valley and Londonderry Townships.

There were also other
Bussard lines in Frederick County at the time of Daniel and Sophia.
Their exact relationships are unknown, but are open to speculation.

This information is from records of Berks County, Pa., Deed Books of Frederick County, Md.,
Maryland German Church Records, Evangelical Reformed Church records,
Marriage License records of Frederick County, and Bedford County, Pa. Deed records.
Details of these sources can be provided. Also, refer to a Bussard Family book, "The Genealogy
of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802," compiled by Ruthella Bussard, and published by
Jeanne Bussard Workshop in Frederick, Md., in the 1970's.

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