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The Jesse & Martha Linn / Means Family

Fletcher, Linn, Means, Murray, Sullivan, Von Stein

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Nathan Means was born in Bedford Co. in September 03, 1826, a son of Charles Means, whose parents arrived in Bedford County prior to 1780. Nathan married Barbara Ellen Fletcher in about 1850.
Barbara born October 04, 1832, was a daughter of Jacob & Deborah Fletcher and a granddaughter of Philip and Maria Mary Sullivan / Fletcher. Philip and Mary Fletcher were married in Taneytown, MD on
July 5, 1794, and arrived in southern Bedford Co., prior to the 1800 census.
There were at least 7 children born to Nathan and Barbara Fletcher / Means:
Silas Means was born September 03, 1851 and died May 15, 1869.
Caroline Means was born about 1854.
Jesse Fletcher Means was born April 04, 1856.
Henry Means was born about 1858.
Jefferson Lee Means, born July 30, 1863 and died November 10, 1883.
Deborah H. Means was born July 04, 1866 and died May 22, 1869.
Infant Means born and died May 08, 1869.
Barbara and Nathan Means and several of their children are buried in a small unnamed cemetery off of Rice road, in Monroe Twp., Bedford Co., PA., along with Barbara's father Jacob Fletcher (1794 - 1875).

Hugh E. Linn was the 5th child out of 8 children (and the third son) of Charles & Martha Linn,
who came to Bedford Co. from Franklin Co., Pa. Charles' father, John Linn was born in Down, Ireland.
Catherine Von Stein born about 1838, was a daughter of George & Mary Murray /
Von Stein. George Von Stein was born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany in about 1806, and came to Bedford Co. from Franklin Co., Pa., just prior to the 1840 census.
Hugh Linn and Catherine Von Stein were married on November 11, 1858 in Monroe Twp.,
Bedford Co., PA. Their first child was born September 30, 1859. They named her Martha Jane "Jennie" Linn.

In May of 1869, Jesse Fletcher Means lost his mother Barbara when she was giving birth.
The infant died as well. A week later his older brother Silas died at the age of 18.
Another week passed and his younger sister Deborah, 3 years old, also died.
Jesse Fletcher Means was about 12 years old.
When Jesse reached the age of about 18 years, he left home to strike out to the west.

In April of 1876 Jesse went to Iowa to work as a farm hand and stayed until 1878, when he went
on the California. He returned to Iowa in the fall of 1879 and worked on the railroad for awhile
and then finally decided to enter farming. In late 1882 Jesse returned to Bedford Co. and married
Martha Jane "Jennie" Linn on January 11, 1883.
They returned to Iowa (Marcus, Cherokee Co.) shortly after their marriage and began raising their family.
Jesse and Martha Jane had nine children.
(photo 1906-1907)
* The Jesse & Martha Jane Means Family
* Back Row (l to r): Cora Lee, Mary Gertrude, Jessie Clifton, Deborah, and Pearl Louise
Front Row (l to r): Frances Virginia, Louis Wendel, Jesse, Jennie, Judie Marie, and Silas Clay.

* Deborah Means was born November 14, 1883
Mary Gertrude Means was born February 19, 1885
Jessie Clifton Means was born October 11, 1887
Pearl Louise Means was born November 11, 1888
Cora Lee Means was born April 20, 1891
Silas Clay Means was born October 22, 1895
Frances Virginia Means was born April 26, 1897
Judie Marie Means was born July 22, 1899
Louis Wendell Means was born April 01, 1903

Jesse Fletcher Means died on March 08, 1922 in Tucson, Ariz.
Martha Jane Linn / Means died March 01, 1925 in Marcus, Cherokee Co., Iowa.

* The above Jesse & Martha Jane Means Family photo and family information appeared in the book "The Clan Linn in the Twentieth Century" by Roger B. Linn and is used with the kind permission of the author.

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