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Kristie (Musselman) Loose has sent the following family reunion photograph. It was taken sometime during the period 1900 to 1906. The location was probably near Osterburg, King or East St. Clair Twps., Bedford Co., Pa. Kristie knows several of the people in this photograph and has listed their names for us below, but there are many others that she would like to identify; as well as to learn exactly where this photo was taken. Whose home could this be behind this group of good looking people? We hope that maybe you can tell us.
April 20, 2001 - Update - Kristie writes:
I sent this picture some time ago and I have many updates on it. First of all, I found out it is not an Oster Family Reunion, but a Bowser Family Reunion.
BOWSER Family Reunion
This photograph was taken between 1900 and 1910.
The lady seated in the center is Catherine (Berkheimer) Bowser (bn. June 6, 1829
and d. Aug 31, 1910), wife of John H. Bowser. The gentleman who is in the first row
standing 6th from the left (wearing a three piece suit with a pocket watch and chain) is
Jacob "Jake" Bowser (bn. May 25, 1859 and d. Dec. 29, 1924). Standing beside him (right)
is Jacob's 2nd wife, Amanda (Schroyer) Bowser. The man to the left of Jacob could be
his son David A. Bowser who would have been 15 to 18 years of age at the time this picture
was taken. The lady beside Amanda is Emma (Rock) Bowser and beside her is her husband
Quitman Bowser (leaning on the chair). The man to the right side of the chair with the
white shirt and vest is Frank Bowser with his wife Mary (Daugherty) Bowser.
The woman standing second from the right holding a child is Dorothy Ann "Annie"
Bowser / Claycomb (bn. Nov. 23, 1882 - d. July 10, 1953). The man standing behind
her could be her husband, James Claycomb. Annie is my Gr.- Grandmother and
Jake Bowser's daughter. I'm not sure if the child is hers. Her children were born in 1906
and 1908 so it depends on when this photo was taken. In the last row, 3rd gentleman from
the right, could be Frederick "Pap" Bowser with his wife or future wife at the time,
Lucy S. (Benton) Bowser standing to the left of him.
I hope that my descriptions help you pick out those people that I'm familiar with and I'm
hoping that someone will be able to identify some of the others. Please contact me with
any ideas, comments, or questions about this picture that I may not have mentioned.

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