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Due to the length and the amount of time required for the first Chaneysville page to load, it seems like
a good time to start a second page. It is great to have so much interest, and so many people willing to
share their photographs! I hope that these terrific pictures continue to become available for all of us to
view and appreciate! Thank you to all who are contributing them.

Jerry Miller has recently spoken with Gladys Bennett, wife of Donald Bennett
who authored "The Family Records of Bedford County, PA". She kindly made several photos available to Jerry and he in turn has sent them to be included on the page.
These are School Class pictures from the Blues Gap and Piney Lick Schoolhouses. They are wonderful photos! The images are sharp and one of the pictures even has the students identified!
Blues Gap School Picture - (photo abt 1895)
courtesy of Jerry Miller & Mrs Gladys Bennett
Piney Lick School Picture - (photo abt 1924)
courtesy of Jerry Miller & Gladys Bennett (Mrs Donald Bennett)
Jerry writes the following:
"Here is the Piney Lick Schoolhouse, which was located just south of the present-day
Chaneysville Fire Department along Rt. 326. The farthest right student is Donald S. Bennett."
(If anyone can identify any of the other students in this second picture, please contact Jerry or and their names will then be added to this page.)
Thank you Jerry Miller and Gladys Bennett for making these photos available.

Chaneysville Covered Bridges
It's been almost a year since the Chaneysville photo showing two covered bridges was posted on the
first Chaneysville page. Well, here it is again, with a bit more detail.
I've been intrigued by the two covered bridges in the photo and also, just exactly where was the photo taken?
I've driven over the surrounding roads quite a few times, trying to decide where those two covered bridges
could have been located. Well, Jerry Miller has just sent another great photo -
of a Chaneysville covered bridge.
Jerry suspects that this photo was probaby taken in the early to mid 1950s, since: "The photo was an early
color picture. The bridge was located, just where Rt. 326 goes South out of Chaneysville, right where it
makes a turn to the South on the map. I'm not sure when it was replaced. It's now a two lane concrete bridge."
Thank you Jerry!! Does anyone have any additional information about when this bridge may
have been constructed and when it was demolished ?

If you have a Chaneysville area picture that you know would be enjoyed, or perhaps want help in identifing people or places in the photo, I would be happy to post it on this page.


I am very interested in receiving your comments, suggestions and any information that you would care to share. For information on sending a copy of the photo, or for any additional comments, please contact me at:

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