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Corleen Hay at has contributed the following information and photos of her ancestry.

Jacob J. Walker was born in Germany. Sometime before the year 1765, he sailed to America, landing at Baltimore, Maryland. On September 13, 1765, he took the oath of citizenship and became a citizen of the British colonies in America. It is believed that he came to Bedford County Pennsylvania about 1774.
(This part is now part of Somerset County)

He had owned a tract of land in Maryland, which is now a part of the Antietam National Battlefield Park.
On May 8, 1779 he enlisted into Brother's Valley Company of the Bedford County Militia.
This company consisted of six commissioned officers:
Henry Rhoads, Captain;
James Hemricks, First Lieutenant;
Jacob Walker, Second Lieutenant;
John Bowman, Ensign;
George Countryman and
Reuben Estop, Court Martial Men.

Jacob was one of the first settlers of Bedford, Brothersvalley Township, which is now Somerset County. He was a pioneer and fought in the Revolutionary War.

Walker and his wife whom he married in Maryland had 7 children. The last
child was born after Jacob died..... Jacob was mortally wounded in a race for a plot of
land that was to be Berlin... But is still now Pine Hill.
They had to race from one tree to the next and back. As Jacob was
turning the tree, the horse went the opposite way that Jacob he thought he would
and he slammed into the tree. The tree in fact still stands, though part of it
is petrified, it is a fascinating site.

This past summer, there was a memorial in Jacob's honor at his grave site, I learned to think about the day he died and how the burial ritual had gone on. He is buried on the land that he owned.
Jacob J. Walker Memorial Day


------ The Laying of the Wreath








------ The Presenting of the Colors



Jacob's Tree


My line of descent is as follows:
Jacob Walker and his wife whom he married in Maryland had 7 children. The last
child was born after Jacob died.....
I stem from Jacob Walker's first child Peter.
Peter and his wife had 9 children.
I stem again from Peter's 3rd child, George P. H. (Philip Henry)

George and his wife had 6 children,
I stem from George's 4th child, Abraham

Abraham married Susan
Miller and together they had 8 children.
I stem from their 2nd child, Silas
Silas married Annie and they had 6 children.
Silas and Annie Walker

The Silas Walker Family

Silas and his wife Annie are in the middle (front), wearing black.
Left to right: Homer Sr, (holding Homer Jr.), Roy, Annie, Ellsworth, Silas, Columbia, and Victoria.

My Grandfather's Dad was Silas's 5th child, Roy
Walker (shown above)
Roy married Leora Barron and they had 3 children, one of which is my
Grandfather Wilkis Dean
Wilkis Dean Walker (right) and brother Roy Jr.

Wilkis married Emeline
Pile and they had 6 children.
I am the 9th generation in this chain of Walkers.

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