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Harclerode / Harcleroad

The following photos and Harclerode Family history has been contributed by Jil Loewit at

"I am a descendant of John Harclerode and Eva Diehl / Harclerode."
Both of these families arrived in Bedford County from the area of Loudoun County, VA. in
the mid 1780s. John Harclerode was a son of John & Barbara Smouse / Harclerode
and one of possibly 15 children. Eva Diehl / Harclerode was a daughter of Samuel
& Margaretha Ritchey / Diehl, who moved from the Lovettesville area
to Friends Cove in Bedford County.
Jil's line descends from John & Eva through their son John and his son, David Harclerode Sr.
who married Mary Wiles. David & Mary's son Samuel Francis Harclerode was Jil's
Great Grandfather.
Samuel Francis Harclerode married Minnie Arvadia Brown in 1890 and by 1909
they were living near Everett, Pa.
(photo ca. 1909)
Samuel & Minnie Harclerode Home
Left to right: Minnie Brown / Harclerode, Samuel Francis Harclerode,
Arvadia Harclerode/ Burbank, "Aunt Lib"?, Eva Harclerode / McCummins

Samuel and Minnie Harclerode's children were:
Chester Harclerode, born in 1892,
Jesse Harclerode, born in 1897,
Eva Harclerode, born in 1899, &
Arvadia Harclerode, born in 1902.

(Photo ca. 1913)
School Class Picture - Everett, PA.
Eva Harclerode / McCummins standing in the back row, 4th from the left.
Jesse Harclerode standing in the middle row next to teacher (2nd from the right).
Jil would like to know the teacher's name and if anyone know the names of
any of the other students in the picture.

(photo ca. 1917)
Jesse Harclerode in Uniform
Jesse Harclerode would serve in the Army in World War I.
His grave marker reads:
Jesse J. Harclerode
born Aug 22, 1897 died April 21, 1957

(photo ca. 1961)
"Catch of the Day"
Chester Harclerode and sister, Eva Harclerode / McCummins on
a fishing trip to Hastings, Canada in 1961.

"The Harclerode Sisters"
(Eva Harclerode / McCummins & Arvadia Harclerode / Burbank)
"Arvadia Harclerode was born February 22, 1902 in Everett, PA. Avadia married
William C. Burbank in 1936. William was Mayor of Warren, Ohio from 1952 - 1959.
William and Arvadia had one child."
"Eva Harclerode / Mc Cummins was my grandmother. Eva was born October 16, 1899
in Everett, PA. She married Loyal McCummins Sr on April 19, 1922 in Union Twp.,
Fayette Co., PA."
(photo ca. 1920)
Eva Harclerode / McCummins
"This is my favorite photograph of my grandmother, taken before she was married."
She was educated to be a teacher while living in Monessen, PA. and taught several
years before her marriage.

(photo 2001)
Harclerode Home in Leavittsburg, Ohio
Samuel and Minnie Harclerode moved to Leavittsburg, Ohio during World War I. They
both lived in this house the rest of their lives. Many of Loyal & Eva Harclerode / McCummins'
children were born in this house.

(photo 1940)
Samuel & Minnie Harclerode's 50th Anniversary Photo

(photo 1940)
Great - Grandmother Minnie Brown / Harclerode
(with her twin grandchildren, Paul & Patricia McCummins.)

Samuel Francis Harclerode passed away in 1941 and Minnie Brown / Harclerode
in 1948. They are buried at Crown Hill Burial Park, Howland, Trumbull County, OH.

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