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Samuel M. Detwiler Family Photo - (taken about 1903)
Submitted by Lynn Detwiler


Front Row (L to R):
Minnie Mae Detwiler, Grace Frederick, Sherman H. Detwiler, Clarence D.Frederick, Irvin Frederick.

Second Row:
Abram Dilling Detwiler with Lena Margaret Detwiler, Mary Brumbaugh Detwiler with Nancy Viola Detwiler, George Dilling Detwiler with Nelson Emory Detwiler, Minnie Horner Detwiler with Barta Alice Detwiler,
Samuel M. Detwiler, Nancy Dilling Detwiler, Jonas Shank with Cornelia Shank, Elizabeth Detwiler Shank.

Third Row:
George Harrison Detwiler, Nancy May Detwiler, Cyrus Detwiler, Clarence Horner Detwiler, ?Nancy Shank, John Detwiler Shank, Isaac Detwiler Shank.

Fourth Row:
Levi S. Frederick, Mary Detwiler Frederick, John Irvin Detwiler, Barbara Ellen Detwiler, Harrison Dilling Detwiler, Mary Elizabeth Shank, Lucinda Shank.

These are the names of the family members pictured as identified by my grandmother, Elsie R. Stayer Detwiler. The only unidentified person was the woman I have called Nancy Shank. Elsie apparently had forgotten Nancy
as she is the only family member who should have been living at that time and wasn't listed. The only other inconsistency in her list of names was the youngest infant whom she called Martha--Martha was born in 1905 and lived till 1950; Nancy Viola was born in Nov. 1902 but died in 1913 (before Elsie married Clarence) which probably explains the discrepancy. Since Nancy Viola appears to be less than a year old and the picture seems to have been taken in the spring/summer I estimate it dates from spring of 1903.

Thank you Lynn for sending this Family picture with all the folks identified. I suspect that this will be very useful to many Detwiler Family researchers. In addition, Lynn has sent a Lineage for Samuel M. Detwiler. It has been added to the Lineages Pages.

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