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Sarah Catherin Mundwiler / Cooper & ?

For more years than I care to remember, I've been searching for the identity of the lady on the left in the above picture. I have many photos that she appears in. Identifying her would be a big key to discovering the names of many additional individuals in other family group pictures in which she appears as the elderly matron figure.

I have the following clues:

The lady on the right is my great-grandmother Sarah Catherin Mundwiler / Cooper. Sarah was the daughter of Jacob Mundwiler (born 1833 - died 1885) & Mary Ann Amick (born 1828 - died 1907). Sarah was born in 1854 and in 1876 she married George W. Cooper who was the son of Nathan Cooper & Susan Veatch. Sarah died in Clearville, Pa. in 1939. Sarah had two sisters: Eveline Mundwiler born in 1849 who married John Lamaster, and Susan Elizabeth Mundwiler born in 1858.
Could the lady on the left be one of Sarah's sisters? Sarah's mother Mary Ann Amick / Mundwiler would have been 26 years older than Sarah. Could this have been mother and daughter?
George Cooper had two older sisters, could this be Rachel Cooper / Amick or Phebe Cooper / Bloom?
I'd certainly appreciate any ideas, comments, suggestions. Could it be possible that someone else has a copy of this picture and has been trying to figure out who the person on the right might be??

Freda Cooper / Barkman (born 1893 - died 1977)
The only person I know in this picture is my Aunt Freda Cooper / Barkman.
She is sitting, second from the right in the back row. Based on her birth date and the fact
that she appears to be 15-17 here, the picture probably was taken in 1908 - 1910. The fence
in the background may also be a clue. The George W. Cooper home (north-east of Clearville) had
a picket fence very much like the fence in this and the first picture on this page.
Both the pictures on this page probably were taken in the yard of the George Cooper home.
Can anyone help identify the other charming ladies in this picture?

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