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The following picture was given to me by the descendants of Conda Knee (1886 -1956).
This same picture was published in the Bedford Gazette on October 25, 1982.
I was given a copy of the newspaper clipping from the Gazette by Velma Defibaugh.
The copy below the newspaper clipping reads:
"This is a school (or church) group of young people at Clearville, date not given. The only ones identified
were Aaron and Jacob Sollenberger and Irene Miller."


The newspaper didn't identify where Aaron and Jacob Sollenberger and Irene Miller were located in the picture. Perhaps with that much of a clue, someone can point them out.

Conda Knee is in the photo also. He is standing in the extreme back row on the left side. Norman Cooper (1882 - 1954) is in the row in front of Conda on the right side. He has a lot of black wavy hair. His sister Effie May Cooper (1886 - 1975), who married Conda Knee is sitting in the front row the second lady from the left.

Hopefully you will be able to add names to some of these faces and determine whose face belongs to Aaron, Jacob, and Irene.
(Nov. 21, 1999) Velma Defibaugh writes "There were four (Sollenberger) boys (in the family) - I think that they all parted their hair in the middle at that time. I believe Jacob Sollenberger (later lived at Mench) is in the 2nd row, 2nd from the right. Aaron Sollenberger is in the middle of the 4th row, both have their hair parted in the middle - he (Aaron) is also in your photo.
Don't they look like brothers"?
Thank you Velma for such quick response!
There is a related picture (which Velma referred to - above) that includes several of these same people on the Bedford County Photos page 1.

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