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Patti writes: "Both sides of my family came from Germany to live in Bedford Co.
I have been able to trace my father's mother's Wertz Family, but have been having great difficulty with my father's Smiths on his dad's side. I have a picture of the Smiths, when they came out from Bedford to California for a visit in 1945. You may post it so that maybe I can find a Bedford cousin."

Smiths from Bedford visit California (1945)
"The man in the photo is my grandfather. His name is Harry Smith and he was born in Duncanville Pa.,
in the year 1877. Harry is a son of Frederick Smith and Sara Adams. The small lady next to him (to the right) is my grandmother and his wife, Sara Wertz, who is a daughter of Winfield and Harriet Wertz of Bedford Co., Pa.
The other ladys are kin to my grandfather, probably his sisters, and maybe the lady on the far right
could be his mother (Sara Adams). I do not know any names.
The picture was taken in Hermosa Beach (Cal.) by my father in the fortys. On the back is
written: 'pop's sisters'. That's all there is to go on.
Hope this is clear. This has been my brick wall for years; trying to get past Frederick Smith.
I can't find anything on this family in Bedford at all. I know nothing about my grandfather's family except for
his parents names.
Thanks for any help that I might get from posting the picture."
Patti Pearson

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