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Koontz Family

Scott, Charley, and others....

Jeff Rinscheid writes: "I got these family photos at an auction on July 2. I'm trying to reunite
them with their "family". The photos look to be late 1800's (1880's/1890's to my eye - but I'm not very good at this)
at an estate auction near Imlertown 2 weeks ago. The photos are fairly panoramic views of a farm and 6, 8, and 9
people (up to 6 males and 3 females).

On the back of some of the photos it says "Koontz Family".
On one - one of the family shots - it says "Scott Koontz".

On two others, it says "belongs to Charley". (Doesn't say Charley KOONTZ, just Charley.)

The photos are all by the Gephart Art Studio, ground floor, Richard St, Bedford, Pa.

Perhaps somebody can date these photos by the name of the studio, to help us narrow in?

I can find an Emery Scott Koontz in Bedford Twp in the 1900 census - aged about 17. That would seem to match,
but it's only a longshot... he's in the family of Abraham Koontz.

There's a Charley Koontz, a stepson, aged about 16, in Monroe Twp, in the same census, living with Fishers.
Feels like a bit of a stretch.

I'm looking to unite the pictures with a descendant or someone else with a tie to them. They pictures themselves are
a bit moldy around the edges (don't smell of mold too bad) - counting their borders, these look to be 6' x 10'."

Here is the first photo with a bit of the background:
The above photo enlarged for viewing faces:

The second photo:

The Third photo:
Below are enlarged views of the left and right sides of the third photo:

If you recognize any of these people or perhaps the location of the house and outbuildings, please
contact Jeff at

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