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Charity Robinson

Jocelyn Wilms has a second genealogical dilemma: (Posted Aug. 31, 1999)

Charity Robinson, b 5 Feb 1738, Freehold, NJ, daughter of James & Charity (VanDyke) Robinson. She married first on 23 Dec 1757, to William Hendrickson; married second on 22 Aug 1775, to Abraham Jones. Both these marriages were in Freehold.
She married third, before 1795, to Robert Campbell of Bedford Co. Robert ‘located' land in Cumberland Valley Twp. in 1781. He wrote his will on 6 Jul 1798 & it was probated 8 Jan 1803. He names his beloved wife, Charity; her son Jonathan Hendrickson, & left land to Jonathan. This Jonathan died in 1817 & mentions his ‘neffues' Campbell & Jonathan Hendrickson & left the land to them. According to her fathers' will, Charity had five children with William Hendrickson, but they are not named. I have located John, Jonathan, Amy, Charity & William but I need the ‘ribbon' to tie this together. When did Charity come to Bedford Co. & when & where were she & Robert married? What happened to her after Robert died? Thank you.

Jocelyn Wilms

"Broadtop Rangers"

This item submitted by Carol Avila. (Posted Sept. 1, 1999)

Carol found this in a book entitled - "The History of the Foster Family". The book contains details of the early history of Broadtop Twp., Bedford Co., Pa. This excerpt is about the militia-known as the Broadtop Rangers.

"The first regular and organized company of militia in the township known as
Broadtop was first organized in June of 1887. There were about 75 men in it,
20 of whom belonged to Huntingdon or otherwise known as Bedford County.
These individuals were known as the
"Broadtop Rangers", Joseph Fisher
being the Captain and Thomas W.
Horton first lieutenant. The regimine
of Rangers included the following men....those of which belonging to
the early families whom settled the region; John
Hoover Jr.:second
lieutenant, David
Fisher, Amos Figard, Nathan Horton, William Foster,
Foster, John Alloway, Jonathan Anderson, William Anderson,
Anderson, David Barnet, Jacob Barnet, Nathan Barnet, Miles Cook,
Cypher, Joseph Diggins, Aaron B. Evans, William Edwards, Josiah
Foster, Israel French, Henry ,Hoover Samuel Horton, Thomas Long, John
Lane, Henry Miller, Joseph Negley, Benjamin Osborn, David Stevens,
Shreeves, J.W. Whited, any many more."

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