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WILLIAM ROSE of Bedford Twp.,
Bedford County Pennsylvania

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What do we know about William Rose born abt. 1710, died bef. 1790? Not
much! There are some that say he came to America as a child of 17 and was
indentured for a number of years to pay for his passage. No firm proof of
this. We have also found that there was a William Rose that was indentured
in Maryland about the time of our William, but no proof that this is our
William Rose. Some say that the William Rose that settled in the Bedford Twp.,
Bedford Co. area of Pennsylvania married a Sarah Gardner, but we can find no
proof of this. We do know that he married a Mary ???? as she is mentioned in
a Deed of which a condensed version follows:

Deed Book A pp. 324-325, 20 Jan. 1779, William Rose of Twp. and County of
Bedford, farmer, and Mary his wife to Allen Rose "the son of the said William
and Mary," whereas an application was entered in land office of Pennsylvania, in
the "name of a certain Robert Rose", for 300 acres in Cumberland Valley, "two or
three miles from the Town of Bedford", and an Order of Survey was issued
upon (blank), and on 6 Mar. 1768, in pursuance to said application there was
surveyed a tract, line of Samuel Drenning, Charles Brookenos, Claim, 275
acres...Whereas, said Robert Rose, by his deed executed (blank date) 1768,
sold to Samuel Perry Esq. and deed 31 Aug., 1769, he sold to William Rose,
now William and Mary, his wife Rose for love and natural affection to
Dutiful son, the said Allen, and for 5 Shillings, deed said land.
Signed: William (his X mark) Rose; Mary (her X mark) Rose.
Wit.: Thomas Coulter, Edward Rose. Rec.: 15 Mar. 1779.


For those of you that are familiar with Bedford, this property is located
on the Poor House road just out side of Bedford. In fact it is property very
close to where the Poor House stands today.

There were other Rose's that lived in the Rainsburg area of Bedford County,
Edward who had a wife named Prucilla Pierpoint, (There are other variations
of the spelling of Pierpoint) Rachel who married Joseph Friend Sr., and Sarah
who married Maj. John Cessna.

We have found no proof that any of them are related to William and Mary Rose.
Does anyone have proof of their parentage??
I have two Rose connections in Bedford Co. One through William and Mary Rose
and the other through Sarah Rose and Maj. John Cessna via the McFerren line.

Any information would be appreciated.
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