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George Webster Risher born October 13, 1883, had four children: Fred, George O., Margaret, and Katherine. He also had a sister Elizabeth Risher who was born August 31, 1881. George's sister Elizabeth Risher was married to Jack Doubt and they had a daughter Annie. Annie Doubt born May 9, 1903 was possibly married twice, once to Tom Reeser and possibly to a ? Horner. Annie had a daughter Mildred. She could be Mildred Reeser or Mildred Horner.

In about late 1949, George Webster Risher was living with his sister Elizabeth and her daughter Annie's family. Tom Reeser and Annie ran a bar in their home just outside of Bedford Boro somewhere near the Juanita River. George Webster Risher became quite ill, was taken to the hospital and died February 25, 1950. Annie died April 25, 1988.

George Webster Risher was my grandfather and my father was George O. Risher. I don't live near Bedford County and all these people who would normally be my contacts are gone now except Mildred. I believe that Mildred lives in Bedford County, but I don't know if she is married. If she is, I wouldn't know her name and if she's not married, I'm not sure whether her name would be Reeser or Horner.

I would like to get in touch with any of the Doubt or Reeser family members but especially Mildred.
Can someone offer some suggestions?
Batha May
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