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Charlotte Smith, at has provided much of the following information:
George & Susanna O'Neal / England - photo supplied by Charlotte Smith

George England, son of John & Martha Beam / England, was born in Bedford County
on January 24, 1846 and died November 05, 1902.
Susanna Eliza O'Neal, born October 08, 1855 in Bedford County, was a daughter of
Henry & Catherine Koontz / O'Neal.
Henry & Catherine Koontz / O'Neal - photo supplied by Charlotte Smith

Susanna O'Neal was married to George England in Bedford County in about 1874. After George died, Susanna and the children moved to Galesburg, Illinois, where she died October 9, 1939.
The following picture was originally published in the Bedford Gazette, June 1992.
(The photo was submitted to the Bedford Gazette by Eugene Boor of Shelby, Ohio)
George & Susanna O'Neal / England Family (photo after 1902)
Eugene Boor of Shelby, Ohio, who originally provided the picture to the Bedford Gazette,
kindly agreed to help identify the family members in the picture:

The small child in front in the white dress is Mabel England / Stern, born in 1902 was still living
in 1992 when the photo appeared in the Bedford Gazette.
First Row - left to right
Stewart Grayson England, born March 1899; Martha Pearl England / Murphy, born March 1889;
Susanna Eliza O'Neal / England, born October 08, 1855; Homer Hobart England, born April 1896; and
George Walter England, born June 23, 1892.
Back Row - left to right
Mary Catherine England / Boor, born July 1885; Lewis Koontz England, born March 1887; Harry Beam England , born abt 1875; Cora England / Speaks, born May 1877; John Henry England, born March 1881; and Stella Belle England / Sage, born February 1883.

(Additional information on Susannah & George's ancestory has been submitted by both,
Charlotte Smith and Kenneth O'Neal, and can be found on the lineages and outline pages.)

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