Bedford County , Pennsylvania
Southampton Twp


The following photo was taken at the Chaneysville Normal School on June 23, 1908
according to the writing on the slate being held by the young lady in the front row.
Can someone identify any of the people in the photo?
Chaneysville Normal School - 1908

The following picture is also a Chaneysville School Photo (I suspect also a normal school class).
There appears to be at least one person in common in these two school pictures. The person in the first row, extreme left, appears to be the same in both pictures. Three of my relatives are in the photo below:



Conda Roy Knee (1886-1956) son of William Henry Knee (1853-1932) (who was a cabinet maker and undertaker in Chaneysville) and Elisa Hamilton (1857-1888) is seated in the first row, second from the left.
Norman W. Cooper (1882-1954) a son of George W. Cooper (1854-1938)
(who was a well known carpenter in southern Bedford County)
and Sarah Catherine Mundwiler (1854-1939) is in the second row, third from the left.
Effie May Cooper (1886-1975) daughter of George and Sarah Cooper.
The Cooper parents lived their last years in a home on the corner (next to the church) in
Clearville, Pa. Effie is sitting next to her brother (fourth from the left in the second row).
Conda Knee and Effie Cooper married a couple years after this picture was taken (1911)
and two years later, moved to Shelby, Richland County, Ohio.
There is a related photo on the Puzzle Page 3

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