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Mt. Union Church & Cemetery

Spruce Hollow School

Lois Martin / Allison has sent the following recent photo and information about the Mt. Union Church and Spruce Hollow School (in Lincoln Twp).

Lois writes:
"I am going to take some wording from a small book made up for the 100 Year Celebration of the Mt. Union United Methodist Church and at the same time they celebrated the Spruce Hollow School celebration. Under the Editors' notes at the end of the book it states:"
" Most of the information contained in this booklet was taken directly from notes and thoughts of Mrs. Olie Taylor Stufft and Miss Bethel Harr. Additional information was provided by Mrs. Betty Parnell and Mrs. Lois (Martin) Allison, who have done extensive research into their genealogies. Many informal interviews with current and former residents of the area added details contained herein. It is as correct as possible at time of printing."

Mt. Union United Methodist Church 1896 - 1996 - (photo provided by Lois Allison)
"The book goes into some detail of the original church that sat on top of the hill in the cemetery. At that time we were only here in the area off and on, but we were here to go to the Celebration, which was July 13, 1996. The book names some of the early members, telling who built it, and has a nice history of the church. The book also goes into some detail regarding stories about the school, telling who the first teacher was, etc."

The title of the book is:
Celebrating 100 Years
Mt. Union United Methodist Church 1896 - 1996
Spruce Hollow School
1882 - 1959

Lois adds:
"Miss Harr was a school teacher for many years and taught at the Spruce Hollow School 1940 - 1942 and attended the Mt. Union Church, probably all her life."
Spruce Hollow School Pictures

Mt. Union United Methodist Church (est. 1896) & Spruce Hollow School (1882 - 1959)
(photo provided by Lois Allison)
"In the beautiful foothills of the Eastern slope of the Alleghenies is the Mount Union United Methodist Church. On the adjacent knoll are the headstones which mark the resting places of many pioneers of the surrounding area, including the legendary Cox children, who were buried there in 1856."
(from the book)

Thank you Lois for sending this information and the beautiful old photo!
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