Bedford County , Pennsylvania
Union, Kimmel, Lincoln ,& King Twp., Photos.
Spruce Hollow School - (1882 - 1959)

Lois Martin / Allison sends additional information
on the Spruce Hollow School (in Lincoln Twp).


(photo provided by Lois Allison)
First Row:
Edwin Brown, Roy Mock, Blaisdell McDaniel, Charles Smith, Raymond Allison, Clayton Mock, Joe Taylor, Oscar Brown, Jacob Reininger, Roy Corle, George Reininger, Herman Stufft, David Brown.
Second Row:
Annie (McDonald) Smith, Vernie (Mock) Kuhn, Mary Jane (Reininger) Bowser, Julia (Reininger), Anna Mary Berkey, Mary Mock, Melissa Yarnell, Mae Taylor, Jennie (Wright) Blackburn, Mae Yarnell, Carrie Smith, Carmelia (Stufft) Salkeld, Alma (Taylor) Ling, Bessie (Allison) Brown.

Third Row:
Hattie (Mc Donald) Markle, Jennie (McDonald) Fry, Julia (Allison) Berkey, Lydia (Brown) Rigby, Minerva ( Reininger), Virgie (McDaniel) Jones, Alberta (Mock) Williams, McDowell Harr, Ella (Wright) Blackburn, Edna (Taylor) Burkett, Alda (Corle) Brown.

Fourth Row:
Mattie (Crist) Boozer, Myrtle (Mock) Smith, Bertie (Crist) Miller, Corissa (Mock) Rowser, Harland Mock, Teacher Alpha Mock, James Burkett, Garfild Mock, Wilson Taylor, Atchison Mock, Tranny Allison
Lois believes this 1898 picture may have been in the Old Photo Album page of the Bedford Gazette at one time.


Mt. Union United Methodist Church (est. 1896) & Spruce Hollow School (1882 - 1959)
(photo provided by Lois Allison)
Lois mentioned that there is a small book that was published for the 100 Year Celebration of the
Mt. Union United Methodist Church and the Spruce Hollow School .
(For additional information.)

(photo provided by Lois Allison)

Thank you Lois for sending this information and the beautiful old photos!
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Where is the Spruce Hollow School located? Lincoln Twp. Map.

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