Bedford County , Pennsylvania
List of Schools


Prior to the passage of The Public School Act in Pennsylvania in 1834, many of the county schools
were held in private dwellings. The One Room Public School houses that were constructed throughout
the county as the differing townships accepted the Act of 1834, provided the basis and the focus
of the educational process for the next one hundred years.
The following is a listing of some pictures of these school houses
and / or students and teachers that attended these schools.

 _School Name_
 _Township - District_

 _Submitted by:_

 Barkman School

 Monroe - District # 9


 Cedar Grove School

 East Providence - District # 5



 Southampton -


 Clearville Primary

 Monroe - District #12


  Fletcher School

 Monroe - District #10


 Spruce Hollow School

 Lincoln - (near Lovely)

 Lois Martin / Allison

 Weimer School

 Monroe - District # 11

David Fletcher 

Walnut Grove

Southampton - District # 2

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